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Staples Theme


Based on oh-my-zsh's bureau theme. I liked bureau's two-line layout; while having the current working directory visible is great, I always disliked that long paths would cramp the space to actually write commands.

On smaller terminals, it looks like there's not that much space with the right hand side, but it will automatically disappear if you start to run into it while typing.

Like bureau, the git status is displayed on the left hand side, although the colors and icons were tweaked slightly.

It's called Staples because Bureau en Gros is the name of Staples (the office supply store) in Québec, and I like lame wordplay.


Context Tags

Adds context sensitive tags to the righthand prompt, if conditions are met. This is currently all based on whether files exist in the current directory, but there's no reason it needs to be limited to that. get_usables can be modified to add additional tags. See below list for files checked and the tags they generate.

  • <gulp>: gulpfile.js
  • <composer>: composer.json
  • <npm>: package.json
  • <vagrant>: VagrantFile

SSH status

If connected through an ssh session, displays username@hostname on the left second line before the prompt.

Last command status

If the last exit code is non-zero, the Z in the prompt will turn red.