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OSX/Linux dotfiles for zsh, managed via antigen. Originally based on

Supports an ~/extra.zsh file for adding customizations for your local environment.

Majority of bundle loading occurs in .zshrc, which is symlinked out via zot.

Any configs that already exist that match a dotfile that zot wants to link will be obliterated. Use with caution- the list of symlinks begins at "Symlinking Configs" in


  • Auto-update and installation with
  • ~/extra.zsh serves as the location for any machine-specific configs that don't belong elsewhere. It is never added to the repo.
  • Custom configs for tmux using tmuxinator.
  • Special bin directory for custom scripts, included in $PATH
  • Automatic downloader for scripts stored as github gists, placing them in the $PATH
  • Default theme is


  • If you're not using zsh, make sure it's installed and you have switched to it. chsh -s $(which zsh)
  • Run (it will alias itself to zot after the first run).
  • Zot will overwrite anything that it wants to symlink (such as gitconfig).
  • Running zot will update both the local repo, and the antigen repos.
  • Enjoy new experience.


Run zot. Everything will auto-update.