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2.0.3 (16.03.2013)
updated translations
2.0.2 (24.06.2013)
added translations
changed default video quality to HQ
fixed potential plugin error
2.0.1 (23.03.2013)
Code rewrite (using dedicated API)
New menu structure
Platform filter in settings
Video quality choosable
Better icons/thumbnails
Frodo changes (duration)
Catch network errors
Added Possibility to search videos by game
Context Menu Integration
1.1.5 (13.08.2012)
Fixed Playback (website changes)
1.1.4 (30.07.2012)
Fixed Categories
Removed deprecated Categories
Added provider email
cosmetic changes
1.1.3 (14.12.2011)
Fixed scraper (Website changes)
1.1.2 (08.12.2011)
Fixed scraper (Website changes)
Now using 160x90px thumbnails
added sort methods (playlist, date and runtime)
added is_update function (pagination is better now)
1.1.1 (07.11.2011)
Fixed Video Playback
1.1.0 (26.09.2011)
First Version for Eden-pre addon-repository