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Fixed: Lightbox photosets
Updated Translations
Fixed: "The Big Picture"-scraper
Fixed: "Wallstreet Jouarnal"-scraper
Fixed TheSacramentoBee
Fixed LightBox
Added Czech Translation (thx to Spike)
Fix for startup error (default->Default)
Complete code rewrite
Added: Slideshow feature (press play)
Added: Plugin-mode for slideshow and screensaver mode
Improved: Go back to the last seen album when returning from a photoset
Improved: Faster cache algorithm (json storage)
Improved: Rewrite of skin including animations and behaviour
Improved: Smoother scrolling between the pictures
Fixed: All unicode/entity problems
Cosmetics: 100% pep8 (python styleguide) conformity
Improved: Debug logging
Added: French translation (thx to stombi)
Added: Dutch translation (thx to apeeters)
Added: New Scraper ""
Added: New Scraper " LightBox - Closeup"
Changed: How using 'keep' as default aspect-ratio (press 0 or set in settings to change)
Fixed: html codes in title from some "Atlantic in focus" albums
Changed: The spinning loading animation logic
Fixed: ATV2-Remote Keymaps
Fixed import error
New plugin-way for scrapers
Fixed: Wallstreetjournal Scraper
Fixed: Sacramento Bee Scraper
Fixed: Visible-conditions in Eden
Fixed: Back-key in Eden
Code Improvements
Eden release
Added: New Scraper: 'The Atlantic: In Focus'
Removed: Scraper ' The Big Shot' - outdated
Added: Function and Setting for changing the aspect-ratio of the Pictures
Improved: Caching of HTML-Pages (much faster now)
Improved: Rewrote the multi-scraper-logic
Fixed: The Big Pictures Facebook-comment-change Announcement broke scraper
Fixed: The Big Pictures remove Hash at the end of the Description
Changed: The usage help is now replaced by a settings "help"-section
Cosmetic: more pep8 conformity
Fixed: Error with external Python and os.makedirs(cachedir) with cachedir = "special://..."
Fixed TheSacramentoBee wasn't able to get Photos
Fixed WallStreetJournal wasn't able to get Photos
Fixed: now needs a referer for the photosets
Improved: Better class Inheritance
Cosmetic: pep8 (except line length)
Improved: The german, english and french usage instructions (and shorten them)
Fixed: The Help now appears only on the first album or photoset
Changed: Skin has a new Look - thanks to Jezz_X
Changed: Skin is now animated
Changed: Dedicated Usage-Help-Box (hides if any key is pressed)
Added: French Translation
Changed: Split Sourcename, Albumtitle and Picturetitle for different use in 3rd party Skins
Improved: The toggle "showInfo" stays now in its last state
Improved: Respect pep8 styleguide (except line length...)
Improved: Skin XML-File is now clean
Changed: Don't use 'os.getcwd()'
Improved: author, name, id, version only at one place
Improved: Make it possible for skins to override the scripts skin (thanks to Jeroen)
Fixed: Crash/Hang when using Alaska/Rapier-Skin
Added: The possibility to get albums/images from more than one website (switch source)
Added: New Scraper 'Wallstreetjournal: The Photo Journal'
Added: New Scraper ' The Big Shot'
Added: New Scraper 'Sacramento Bee: The Frame'
Changed: The Layout and content of the help texts
Fixed: TBP-Scraper: Remove the image-number within the description text
Fixed: TBP-Scraper: removed #-sign at the end of the picture
Improved: Changes to the icon.png (more padding)
Ported to be dharma compatible by sphere (with permission of rwparris2)
Added: German Translation
Changed: Addon ported from plugin which called script to native script
Added: New icon.png
Released as plugin for camelot by rwparris2
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