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4.2.0 (14.02.2015)
fixed The Big Picture Scraper (thx to Tobias Kühne)
fixed AtlanticInFocus Scraper
fixed SacBeeFrame Scraper
fixed WallStreetJournal Scraper
fixed TotallyCoolPix Scraper
removed TimeLightbox Scraper
removed NewYorkTimesLens Scraper
improved performance on weak machines in The Big Picture and Atlantic in Focus
4.1.2 (25.11.2013)
fix error with outdated xml overriding skins like Aeon Nox
4.1.1 (17.06.2013)
added possibility to hide background image (which results in black background)
4.1.0 (05.05.2013)
added possibility to choose enabled scrapers
updated Translations
4.0.0 (17.03.2013)
New Scraper: - Lens Blog
New Default Skin (thx Jugger)
Fixed Slideshow on Frodo (press PLAY to start)
Code rewrite
All Scrapers fixed
3.0.5 (18.11.2012)
Fixed: Lightbox photosets
Updated Translations
3.0.4 (29.07.2012)
Fixed: "The Big Picture"-scraper
Fixed: "Wallstreet Jouarnal"-scraper
3.0.3 (18.04.2012)
Fixed TheSacramentoBee
Fixed LightBox
Added Czech Translation (thx to Spike)
3.0.2 (03.03.2012)
Fix for startup error (default->Default)
3.0.0 (03.03.2012)
Complete code rewrite
Added: Slideshow feature (press play)
Added: Plugin-mode for slideshow and screensaver mode
Improved: Go back to the last seen album when returning from a photoset
Improved: Faster cache algorithm (json storage)
Improved: Rewrite of skin including animations and behaviour
Improved: Smoother scrolling between the pictures
Fixed: All unicode/entity problems
Cosmetics: 100% pep8 (python styleguide) conformity
Improved: Debug logging
Added: French translation (thx to stombi)
Added: Dutch translation (thx to apeeters)
2.0.3 (27.01.2012)
Added: New Scraper ""
Added: New Scraper " LightBox - Closeup"
Changed: How using 'keep' as default aspect-ratio (press 0 or set in settings to change)
Fixed: html codes in title from some "Atlantic in focus" albums
Changed: The spinning loading animation logic
Fixed: ATV2-Remote Keymaps
2.0.2 (04.12.2011)
Fixed import error
2.0.1 (07.11.2011)
New plugin-way for scrapers
Fixed: Wallstreetjournal Scraper
Fixed: Sacramento Bee Scraper
Fixed: Visible-conditions in Eden
Fixed: Back-key in Eden
Code Improvements
2.0.0 (03.06.2011)
Eden release
1.5.0 (03.06.2011)
Added: New Scraper: 'The Atlantic: In Focus'
Removed: Scraper ' The Big Shot' - outdated
Added: Function and Setting for changing the aspect-ratio of the Pictures
Improved: Caching of HTML-Pages (much faster now)
Improved: Rewrote the multi-scraper-logic
Fixed: The Big Pictures Facebook-comment-change Announcement broke scraper
Fixed: The Big Pictures remove Hash at the end of the Description
Changed: The usage help is now replaced by a settings "help"-section
Cosmetic: more pep8 conformity
1.4.2 (23.04.2011)
Fixed: Error with external Python and os.makedirs(cachedir) with cachedir = "special://..."
Fixed TheSacramentoBee wasn't able to get Photos
Fixed WallStreetJournal wasn't able to get Photos
1.4.1 (22.04.2011)
Fixed: now needs a referer for the photosets
Improved: Better class Inheritance
Cosmetic: pep8 (except line length)
Improved: The german, english and french usage instructions (and shorten them)
Fixed: The Help now appears only on the first album or photoset
1.4.0 (24.03.2011)
Changed: Skin has a new Look - thanks to Jezz_X
Changed: Skin is now animated
Changed: Dedicated Usage-Help-Box (hides if any key is pressed)
Added: French Translation
Changed: Split Sourcename, Albumtitle and Picturetitle for different use in 3rd party Skins
Improved: The toggle "showInfo" stays now in its last state
Improved: Respect pep8 styleguide (except line length...)
Improved: Skin XML-File is now clean
1.3.2 (07.11.2010)
Changed: Don't use 'os.getcwd()'
Improved: author, name, id, version only at one place
Improved: Make it possible for skins to override the scripts skin (thanks to Jeroen)
1.3.1 (19.10.2010)
Fixed: Crash/Hang when using Alaska/Rapier-Skin
1.3.0 (19.10.2010)
Added: The possibility to get albums/images from more than one website (switch source)
Added: New Scraper 'Wallstreetjournal: The Photo Journal'
Added: New Scraper ' The Big Shot'
Added: New Scraper 'Sacramento Bee: The Frame'
Changed: The Layout and content of the help texts
Fixed: TBP-Scraper: Remove the image-number within the description text
Fixed: TBP-Scraper: removed #-sign at the end of the picture
Improved: Changes to the icon.png (more padding)
1.2.0 (10.10.2010)
Ported to be dharma compatible by sphere (with permission of rwparris2)
Added: German Translation
Changed: Addon ported from plugin which called script to native script
Added: New icon.png
1.1.2 (2010)
Released as plugin for camelot by rwparris2
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