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Table of Contents

upro - README


This project has long been discontinued

Usage and interest in this application was never high, so it remained as a learning project in various fields for me.

If you are interested in the path-finding algorithm, the core has been extracted and re-implemented in these libraries:

If you still can extract anything useful from this project, I'd be happy about a reference.


upro is an online application to support navigation for the pilots of New Eden (EVE Online). It uses a 3D projected map of the solar systems to display current locations and jump corridors such as of jump gates or wormholes. upro provides a routing system which refers to the existing and provided jump corridors, including wormholes and jump drive capabilities. Information such as for routes can be saved at the server, shared with others and downloaded to the autopilot of the NeoCom.

upro is a server based service, running on node.js with a client written in JavaScript for a web browser.

See the wiki for a complete documentation.

This project is using the MIT license.

Project Structure

Although initially not intended, the Eclipse project ended up in a dedicated folder, so it's now eve-upro/eve-upro. But I don't see too much of a problem with that - makes the readme stand out more.

Used Tools for Development

I'm using


  • See package.json

Test Environment

  • MongoDB, default setup
  • Node.js 0.8.X

Testing folder structure(s)


These folder contain the external tests - i.e., they require the application running and available to provide any dependent scripts.


Containing all the tests for the client scripts, based on the compressed export from the main application. jsTestDriver is configured (see jsTestDriver.conf) to take the upro.js file from localhost.

Note: some tests are under a folder named 'longRunning'. These are taking more than a second to complete and are thus also not listed in the jsTestDriver.conf file. When trying to execute them, test driver will not continue and halt there.


This folder is meant to hold selenium based tests in PHP as I haven't found a working selenium driver for node yet.


Holding various (legacy) tests with visual interaction and prototypes. Some of these tests are already moved to be provided online by upro during runtime.


Tests based on nodeunit for the server side units.

eve-api has dedicated tests to be prepared as a dedicated package perhaps in the future (as an option).