Sublime Text 3 syntax highlighing for Todo.txt
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This is Todo.txt syntax highlighting support for Sublime Text (tested with Sublime Text 3).



I am currently using Todo.txt exclusively to manage all tasks which don't necessarily need to be set to a specific date (which is something the Todo.txt format can't handle by default). While there are some really great mobile apps for managing the Todo.txt file (via Dropbox), all available Windows GUIs are crap.

On the other hand, Todo.txt is a plain text format, so why waste GUI overhead? So I decided to add Todo.txt highlighting to Sublime Text.

Current state

This repository contains everything that's needed to display plain Todo.txt files correctly.


via Package Control (recommended)

SublimeTodoTxt is available from wbond's Package Control plug-in, you can find it as Todo.txt Syntax.


If you don't want to use Package Control, just copy the syntax file into your Packages directory.

Useful tricks

If you want Sublime Text to automatically save your Todo.txt file when the window loses its focus, just create a file named TodoTxt.sublime-settings in your User package, its contents are:

   "save_on_focus_lost": true

Now you're done.

Future development

As Todo.txt is a rather simple format, I doubt that it's necessary to add any plug-in functionalities. Using menu items or shortcuts to change priorities and tags would probably be more effort than just changing the particular characters manually.

I do, however, plan to keep up with Sublime Text development, so once ST4 comes out and breaks stuff, I'll most likely be ready. In case there are any wishes, please drop by in the forum thread for SublimeTodoTxt. :-)


I'm tux in the Sublime Text forums. Feel free to get in touch with me. I wear some pants most of the time.

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