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posframe-based candidate style for mozc
Emacs Lisp
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Mozc with posframe

mozc-posframe implements posframe-style for candidates displaying by posframe .

The big inspiration get from mozc-popup . This package is based on that package.

Set up

This package is not on ELPA/MELPA yet.

;; download mozc-posframe.el and place it at your load-path.
(require 'mozc-posframe)
(setq mozc-candidate-style 'posframe)

:: Or if you use straight.el
(straight-use-package 'mozc-posframe
 '(mozc-posframe :type git :host github :repo "derui/mozc-posframe"))

;; Or if you enabled straight.el integration for use-package
(use-package mozc-posframe
  :straight (mozc-posframe :type git :host github :repo "derui/mozc-posframe"))



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