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reddiwrap is a python wrapper for communicating with the API.

Compatible with Python 2.6.7, 2.7.1, and 3.2.3

Interacting with the reddit API is not very difficult, but figuring it out can take a while.

This class allows the interaction with reddit to be simple and easy.

reddiwrap makes it easy to:

  • login to your reddit account,
  • load posts from:
    • subreddits,
    • user pages,
    • search results.
  • navigate to 'next' and 'previous' pages.
  • vote on posts and comments,
  • save/unsave, hide/unhide, share and report posts,
  • submit links and self-posts,
  • comment on posts and other comments,
  • read, mark, compose and reply to private messages
  • view your own or others' user info,
  • view/subscribe/unsubscribe to the list of public subreddits,
  • moderator functions:
    • remove/approve/mark as spam for comments and posts
    • add/remove approved submitters
    • add/remove moderators
    • distinguish your own comments/posts with the moderator tag
  • mark posts as NSFW

Sample usage:

# To upvote the first post on the /r/pics front page.

from ReddiWrap import ReddiWrap

reddit = ReddiWrap() # Create new instance of ReddiWrap

login_result = reddit.login('your_username', 'your_password')

if login_result != 0: # Anything other than '0' means an error occurred
  print 'unable to log in.'

pics = reddit.get('/r/pics')  # Get posts on the front page of
reddit.upvote(pics[0])        # Vote

# To reply back to every message in your inbox:

msgs = reddit.get('/message/inbox') # Get messages

for msg in msgs: # Iterate over the messages

  # Parrot back what the original message contained
  reddit.reply(msg, 'You said: \n\n>' + msg.body)

More examples showing how reddiwrap works are available in


ReddiWrap is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 (GNU GPL v2)

(C) Copyright 2012 Derv Merkler

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