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A set of Python scripts for generating, parsing, sorting, and saving wordlists.
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A series of Python 2.7.x scripts for generating, merging, and sorting wordlist files.

Similar to crunch, this script generates wordlists with every possible combination of specific characters.

  • Generates based on minimum and maximum word length.
  • Built-in character sets include lower-case, upper-case, numbers, and two symbol sets.
  • Accepts custom character sets.
  • Option to split output into multiple files of specified byte size.
  • Resumes list generation if interrupted.

Generates all dates within a time range.

  • Able to output months as abbreviated (e.g. JAN, FEB, MAR) or long-form (e.g. JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH)

Generates every phone number for a given region in the U.S. The script uses a database of "prefixes" (the 3 digits after the area code) to ignore invalid numbers.

  • Looks up region by either city name or area code.
  • Has "autopwn" option which looks up location based on IP address and generates phone numbers.
  • Customization includes removing area code and setting separators between numbers. Example of formats:
    • (555) 555-1234
    • 555-555-1234
    • 5555551234
    • 555-1234

Sorts given wordlist(s) depending on options.

  • Uses hard disk for storage while sorting; can sort large files that sort | uniq cannot.
  • Able to set minimum/maximum word length.
    • Ex: a minimum of 8, maxaximum of 63 would be useful for WPA wordlists.
  • Drag-and-drop multiple wordlist files to combine, sort, and remove duplicates.
  • Automatically removes duplicate entries. Option to disable this feature.
  • Split output file into multiple files of specific byte size.
  • "Frequency sort" sorts based on how frequently words appear. Option to display table with word counts.
  • Convert entire wordlist to lower-case, upper-case, first-letter-capital, or "elite" text styles.
    • Option to 'make copies' of each word as lower-case, upper-case, first-letter-capital, and 'elite'.
  • Strip text to left/right of a separator. Useful for password dumps.
  • Filter words containing a filter.
  • Able to strip/keep non-printing characters and leadin/trailing whitespace characters.
  • Option to delete input files after they are parsed to save disk space.
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