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This repo tracks the old version of Wifite (v1) which does not receive frequent updates and has many bugs (check out the Isuses tab!).

There's a new version of Wifite (Wifite2) available at Wifite2 has more features, bug fixes, and reliability.

Try the new Wifite2, especially if you're having problems with Wifite v1


Wifite is for Linux only.

Wifite is an automated wireless attack tool.

Wifite was designed for use with pentesting distributions of Linux, such as Kali Linux, Pentoo, BackBox; any Linux distributions with wireless drivers patched for injection. The script appears to also operate with Ubuntu 11/10, Debian 6, and Fedora 16.

Wifite must be run as root. This is required by the suite of programs it uses. Running downloaded scripts as root is a bad idea. I recommend using the Kali Linux bootable Live CD, a bootable USB stick (for persistent), or a virtual machine. Note that Virtual Machines cannot directly access hardware so a wireless USB dongle would be required.

Wifite assumes that you have a wireless card and the appropriate drivers that are patched for injection and promiscuous/monitor mode.


To download and execute wifite, run the commands below:

chmod +x

Required Programs

Please see the installation guide on the wiki for help installing any of the tools below.

  • Python 2.7.x. Wifite is a Python script and requires Python to run.

  • aircrack-ng suite. This is absolutely required. The specific programs used in the suite are:

    • airmon-ng,
    • airodump-ng,
    • aireplay-ng,
    • packetforge-ng, and
    • aircrack-ng.
  • Standard linux programs.

    • iwconfig, ifconfig, which, iw

Suggested Programs

* indicates program is not included in Backtrack 5 R1

  • *reaver, a Wifi-Protected Setup (WPS) attack tool. Reaver includes a scanner "walsh" (or "wash") for detecting WPS-enabled access points. Wifite uses Reaver to scan for and attack WPS-enabled routers.

  • *pyrit, a GPU cracker for WPA PSK keys. Wifite uses pyrit (if found) to detect handshakes. In the future, Wifite may include an option to crack WPA handshakes via pyrit.

  • tshark. Comes bundled with Wireshark, packet sniffing software.

  • cowpatty, a WPA PSK key cracker. Wifite uses cowpatty (if found) to detect handshakes.


Wifite is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 (GNU GPL v2).

(C) 2010-2012 Derv Merkler


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