The famous todo application developed with cosyJS
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The famous todo application developed with cosyJS.


I developed this application in order to show you how cosyJS works. As you can see, creating a component is quite close of what you are used to and it will be fairly easy to "componentize" you code.


We are built on several libraries, some are hidden from you, some needs to be well known before starting working with cosy.

The public dependencies

  • Backbone, a component is a mix of a backbone view, model and collection.
  • Rivets, used for the data-binding part. I've created a custom event hanlder in order to call directly the functions on your view, module, model directly from your template. You can have an exemple in the todo template.
  • Handlebars, is one of the best template engine you can find.
  • Underscore, required by backbone. You can also use it.

The code

The code for doing the Todo App is divided in two parts:

  • The 1st is related to reusable parts and is under the content folder.
  • The 2nd is the logic dedicated to the app and can be found in 2 files (but it is up to you to decide how you want to deal with this part). Mainly the server side code is in the app.js (root folder) and client-side code is under public/javascript/page.js.