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Mogli client is more resilient to Facebook's JSON

Facebook APIs return numbers, "true" and "false" as valid JSON, even though the
JSON RFC defines JSON objects as starting with "[" or "{". As such, when the
client is looking at parsed JSON returned from a Facebook API call, it will
crash on numbers and booleans because they don't respond to the :has_keys?
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1 parent cf14773 commit b4fc71930b4c30e64043bd9d81d52d410dfeed5b @derwiki committed with Adam Derewecki Apr 16, 2012
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  1. +3 −0 lib/mogli/client.rb
@@ -161,10 +161,13 @@ def extract_hash_or_array(hash_or_array,klass)
return nil if hash_or_array == false
return hash_or_array if hash_or_array.nil? or hash_or_array.kind_of?(Array)
return extract_fetching_array(hash_or_array,klass) if is_fetching_array?(hash_or_array)
+ # Facebook doesn't return numbers or booleans in an object or list
+ # container; this will catch the number, "true" and "false" response case
return hash_or_array
def is_fetching_array?(hash)
+ return false unless hash.respond_to? :has_key
hash.has_key?("data") and hash["data"].instance_of?(Array)

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