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Repository of shell scripts that have made my life easier
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.gitignore Savepoint
README Renamed to and updated README Savepoint Added, for processing ARF messages
bootstrap_bottle Added, updated and bootstrap_bottle
bootstrap_heroku Add bootstrap_heroku script
bootstrap_vim bootstrap.vim
build_heroku Make build_heroku more robust Fixes to Added that pulls invalid emails out of a file Savepoint
git-completion.bash add git-completion.bash Savepoint Added first version of
rls Rename rlscripts to rls
send.rb Update send.rb to use localhost Added, a utility to log to CSV the SMTP sender scores … Commented out route in and added comment Save local changes to sorted_list_intersection, not sure what they ar…
ssh-agent-status Add ssh-agent-status for PS1 Added
t Fixes to ssh-reagent
timeout Added `timeout' script


Collection of scripts that I find enhance my Command Line Experience (r)			Minimal library to produce histogram data		Given a file as an argument or STDIN, print only bad email addresses		Used to concatenate email segments and seed lists (probably only useful to me)					Simple aliases to make the shell more friendly				Extract keys from newline seperated JSON dictionaries to CSV output		Given a JSON with an 'email' field, find the top domains and counts			Log to CSV the SMTP sender scores for blocks of IPs				Subtracts patterns in file from a file (alias for grep basically)

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