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Official website with detailed documentation: www.mynodes.net

What is this app for?

With this program, you can easily create your smart devices, automate them and control over the Internet.

All devices are connected over the wireless network. No wires!

This program provides you a handy editor, which is accessible from browser. In the editor you can add virtual devices that perform different functions and connect them to your real devices.

You can create dashboard from various user interface elements to which you have access from any device that has web browser.

All this can be part of your smart home, with lots of automated systems: lighting, windows, doors, climate control, various sensors, etc... or just the control panel of your device on Arduino.


This program can run on Windows or Linux. You can also use Raspberry Pi.

What hardware is needed?

To assemble device that can be connected to the system, you need the Arduino and radio module NRF24L01+.

You need to build two devices. One connects to the computer and maintains the network (called gateway), from the second you can make your device.

Accessories for this device (Arduino Pro Mini + NRF24L01+) should cost about $3.

Assembly is very simple, see the instructions .

How it works?

All devices communicate through the gateway.

The gateway managed by the computer running the Web Controller. You can use any computer with Windows or Linux or, for example, Raspberry Pi as the easiest and cheapest option.

Is it free?

This program is open source, you can download and use it absolutely for free.

Read more on www.mynodes.net

Mail to info@mynodes.net