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Project Wiki

This page provides more information about the project including background, features, user base, as well as access to the open source code of the present platform. It also provides contact information of the project leads to whom you can ask questions or make proposals for the development of your proposal.

Key features expected (in order of priority)

  • Calendar of official events, special events, side events and exhibitions. See the website of last year’s HLPF for an example:
  • General information taken from the HLPF website, possibly using the same structure.
  • News
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Share photos and videos using the #hlpf hashtag
  • Share the meeting that a participant is attending and providing a link to the entry on the app or on the website
  • Show or link to the regular blog entries created at HLPF. See:
  • Social check-ins (Foursquare, Facebook, etc.)
  • Based on the check-ins, see who else is attending and network with other participants
  • Access and search HLPF inputs. They are available at:

Other requirements

  • The app should work in iOS and in Android
  • It should be able to connect to an existing MySQL database for the events, news and information, either directly or by having someone of the team helping to create an API.

Example apps

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