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Twitter is a social network and microblogging system which limits a single content to 140 words. This limitation did not hinder the grows of users but rather attract people or organization to share, advertise or interact on the platform. 50 millions tweets was sent per day in average. This project is building an Android app which displays and calculates the sentiment value for each tweet. The goal is to achieve a competitive result with Sentiment140 API.

This application is using Twitter Search API. The json files are parsed using GSON library.

How to run

You must install

Use Eclipse to open each .profile file in Android and Classifier directories and build project. For evaluator, the result will be saved into a JSON file in the working directories.

Related Work

Several websites have already implemented this idea. The top two from Google search results are Sentiment140 and TweetFeel.


Compare our result with Sentiment140 result (API available). List the differences and let human judge which one is more accurate.




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Sentiment Analysis and Subjectivity A comprehensive tutorial for text sentiment analysis methods. It’s highly recommended to read.