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1 parent 10ac773 commit 56b83c76cbc1b8d257103982563a6690e36068a0 Mark Szymanski committed Jun 24, 2011
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17 template/jekyllconfig.template.bash
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+# This is a space-delimited list of your Jekyll project paths
+SITES="$HOME/sites/project_1 $HOME/sites/project_2"
+# This is another space-delimited list.
+# This one is of the remote user@host:path location of your jekyll site
+# NOTE: The locations of these must correspond to the locations
+# of the sites in the first list
+# For instance, the host for the first Jekyll site
+# must be first in this list, the second second, etc.
+REMOTES="user@host_1:path user@host_2:path"
+# list of markup syntaxes to use for the sites,
+# Same rules as above. Can be HTML, textile, or markdown
+MARKUPS="markdown textile"

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