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Bridget makes jQuery plugins

Bridget makes a jQuery plugin out of a constructor 🏭

It's based off of the jQuery UI widget factory. Used for Masonry, Isotope, Packery, Flickity, Infinite Scroll, and Draggabilly.

Plugin constructor

A plugin constructor uses Prototypal pattern. It needs to have a ._init() method used for its main logic.

// plugin constructor
// accepts two argments, element and options object
function NiceGreeter( element, options ) {
  this.element = $( element );
  this.options = $.extend( true, {}, this.options, options );
// defaults for plugin options
NiceGreeter.prototype.options = {
  greeting: 'hello',
  recipient: 'world'
// main plugin logic
NiceGreeter.prototype._init = function() {
  var message = this.getMessage();
  this.element.text( message );
// getter method
NiceGreeter.prototype.getMessage = function() {
  return this.options.greeting + ' ' + this.options.recipient;


Bridget can make this constructor work as a jQuery plugin. The namespace is the plugin method - $elem.namespace().

// convert constructor to jQuery plugin
jQueryBridget( 'niceGreeter', NiceGreeter );
// optional: pass in jQuery variable
jQueryBridget( 'niceGreeter', NiceGreeter, jQuery );

// now the constructor can be used as a jQuery plugin
var $elem = $('#elem');
// >> h1 text will be 'hello world'

// set options
  greeting: 'bonjour',
  recipient: 'mon ami'
// >> text will be 'bonjour mon ami'

// access constructor instance via .data()
var myGreeter = $'niceGreeter');

Getter methods can still be used. For jQuery objects with multiple elements, getter methods will return the value of the first element.

Package managers

Install with npm npm install jquery-bridget

Install with Yarn yarn add jquery-bridget

MIT license

Bridget is released under the MIT license.


🌉 bridget makes jQuery plugins






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