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James, this is your site.

Building the site

Actually, this repo contains the source of your site, not your actual site.

You can download this repo and build the site.


Bad news. You'll have to open up Terminal. Terminal is pretty gross, but it's a necessary evil.

Let's say you download this repo to your desktop. Un-zip the file, then rename the resulting folder (which should be like desandro-jtetypes-a1b2c3) to jtetypes-site.

Then we'll need to navigate to this folder in Terminal. Open up Terminal and type in:

cd ~/Desktop/jteypes-site

From here, you can run the build task.


You'll need to install Node JS. Easy enough.

Install grunt. Do this from the Terminal. Doesn't matter where you are, it will put it in a safe place.

sudo npm install -g grunt

OS X Command Line Tools

Unless you have XCode installed, you'll need to install OS X Command Line Tools. These are available at

Looks like you'll need to sign up for an Apple Developer to download this. Darnit.

Okay we can do this.

  • On the login screen, click Register: Join now
  • Under the next page, Which Developer Program is for you, select the free option, Safari Developer Program, Individual Free
  • At this point you can enter in your current Apple ID, or create a new Apple ID. I suggest using your current Apple ID
  • There will probably be an email confirmation or some crap after that

Once that is all done, you can download and install the Command Line Tools.

After they are installed, create a new Terminal window and run

# make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.

Build task

Anytime you edit a script or HTML file, you'll need to run the build task.

To run the build task, navigate to the jtetypes-site folder you unzipped. Then type in Terminal:

make build

This creates the site in _site/. That stuff you can FTP where-ever you like.

Site Data

js/site-data.js is used in both building the site, and in the site's JS. In there you'll find the font families, used in templating, and the font configs, used for loading fonts.

Loading fonts

Fonts are dynamically loaded with the Google WebFont Loader using the custom module.

Font files

They're missing from this repo, but you should have 'em :)