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GitHub issue submission guidelines

A single-serving site that developers can point to when dealing with new users submitting issues to GitHub. Basically serving the same function as "STICKY: Please read forum rules" posts you'd see on forums.

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Key values

Brevity — We want everyone to read this. So it needs to be quick and easy. The fewer words the better.

Friendly — People are looking for help. They don't want to deal with assholes. But laying down guidelines can still come across as uppity.


should closely follow Creating issues by @fat

  • Hi. I'm human. You're human. Let's keep that in mind.
  • Isolate
    • use jsFiddle (or something similar)
    • provide specific conditions
  • Don't (just) paste code
  • Search previous issues

Backstory & related

I've tried posting READ THIS BEFORE POSTING issues to Masonry and Isotope and I'm pretty sure people don't read them. I'm now trying to get the ball rolling again with desandro/issues-agreement

Bigger scope

This page doesn't just have to be for GitHub Issues. For now, I think that's a good enough goal. We could generalize it enough that it could work for other places where people go to for service or support like Stack Overflow, IRC rooms, etc.

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