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Give Kanso-CRUD more colors, more action and a nicer GUI
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This app will demonstrate how you could make use of styles, widgets, events and jquery within kanso (

In short: Give Kanso-CRUD some colors, more action and a nicer GUI.

It is based on the minimalistic CRUD App that shows how operations on CouchDB are made with the Kanso Framework.
You can find it on

/* Short guide to make things running */

0. Things you have should done before:
- Installed CouchDB
- Installed Kanso

1. Go to

2. Download the source to your PC

3. Extract the archive you downloaded before

4. You now should see a folder thats named something like "descartes1-Kanso-CRUD-GUI-XYZ123"

5. Rename the folder to Kanso-CRUD-GUI

Your folder structure should now looks like

Kanso-CRUD-GUI (folder)
|-lib (folder)
|-static (folder)
|-templates (folder)
|-kanso.json (file)
|-README (file)

6. Open a shell/termial

7. "cd" into the Kanso-CRUD-GUI folder, eg. "cd ./Kanso-CRUD-GUI"

8. Execute "kanso install"

You now should have a additional folder "packages" in your Kanso-CRUD folder.

9. Execute " kanso push http://yourdbuser:yourdbpass@localhost:5984/kcgui ".

Make sure, that your user has admin rights.
If you don't have a databaseuser yet, you're probably in "Admin Party"-mode.

If there is no database named kcgui in couchdb, it will be generated for you by kanso.

10. Go to http://localhost:5984/kcgui/_design/kcgui/_rewrite/ and enjoy.
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