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rails (web client)

You should have rails >= 3.2 installed in order to use the web-client.

If you want to use Passenger phusion:

Virtuoso (data store)

Virtuoso is used to store extracted news.

General config

You should activate the indexing process (for bif:contains to work)

    DB.DBA.RDF_OBJ_FT_RULE_ADD (null, null, 'All');

For fedora (or others Linux)

HowToo install virtuoso on fedora

For Mac OS

You can follow the tuto on (it works for us), commands are:

git clone
cd virtuoso-opensource
brew install libtool #this are required on my machine
brew install gawk
export CFLAGS="-O -m64 -mmacosx-version-min=10.8"
make install
echo 'export PATH="/usr/local/virtuoso-opensource/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bash_profile
source ~/.bash_profile
cd /usr/local/virtuoso-opensource/var/lib/virtuoso/db
virtuoso-t +foreground

java (extraction code)

Download java JDK 1.7 (work also on java 1.6).

ZONE installation

Fork the project

Create a fork of Take a look at in order to learn more about forks.

Get the code

  1. Fetch code from your repo:
    git clone[Your Login]/ZONE.git
  2. Link your fork code repo to the "official" repo
    git remote add upstream
  3. download the ZONE project code
    git fetch upstream

Update code according to ZONE-project

  1. Download code from ZONE "official" repo
    git fetch upstream
  2. Merge code from the official repo with your code:
    git merge upstream/master

ZONE-extractor (extractor)

You need to configure the extractor in `ZONE-extractor/config/` setting your virtuoso password (acording to

In order to compile the application use (after configurating)

mvn install
If some tests are not working, you can skip them using
mvn -DskipTests install

You can now start the annotation process deamon using

mvn exec:java -pl ZONE-extractor-start

ZONE-watcher (web-client)

You need to configure the extractor in `config/config.yml` setting your virtuoso password (acording to config.yml.example)

    cd ZONE-watcher
    bundle install
    rails s

Take a look at http://localhost:3000

Thanks to Christian Brel and Julien Holtzer for feedback