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Descoped Devmode Plugin

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The Devmode Maven Plugin enables redefinition of loaded classes at runtime. Its purpose is to allow the Descoped Container to be running whilst the developer can write code and (if possible) debug in real time. This is acheived by utilizing the Dynamic Code Evolution Virtual Machine (DCEVM) and the Hotswap Agent.

When invoking the devmode plugin at compile time it will automatically fork and configure a Java process that executes the mainClass defined.

This is useful when working with web development when aiming for rapid sketching and development.


Declare maven profile:


Configuration options:

Option Default Description
outputDirectory target/devmode Work directory
webContent N/A Custom Web resources directory
mainClass io.descoped.container.Main Main class to be executed

Maven environment variables

Option Description
updateHotswap Force install process for the DCEVM Hotswap JVM
useJarInstaller Use DCEVM Jar Installer instead of plugin installation
addTestClasses Add target/test-classes to class path

Maven options are added as follows: mvn -D<option>


Run in Devmode:

mvn clean compile -Pdev -DskipTests

Set up Idea

Plugin developer notes

Install plugin:

mvn clean install

Run test suite:

mvn clean test

To run the plugin in context of plugin source code:

mvn clean install -DskipTests -Pmojo

Release consideration

Before performing a new release, make sure to:

  1. Update to the latest version (first entry of hotswapReleaseList) in MockHelper
  2. Make sure to run all tests locally to ensure that the hotswap agent matches your JDK
  3. Issue the test steps above first

Known limitations

  • This project has not been tested on Windows. Only Linux is supported and partially MacOS.
  • RelProxy and plain None mode not yet supported



  • Add addJavaArgument
  • Add addClassPathElement
  • Add an envvar 'descoped.hotswap=true' that can be used to identify if container is running in DCEVM mode