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Descoped Atlassian Base


The purpose of the Descoped Atlassian Base image is to provide some basic base support required by other Atlassian applications. This image is based on (fork of) the Atlassian Labs experimental docker project, which is not maintained anymore.

The motivation to descope the Atlassian products arose from Atlassian's sparse official support for Docker!

This base image provides support for:

  • bash utility functions for manipulating configuration files and downloading MySQL drivers and configuring MySQL/Postgres

How to use?

The descoped/atlassian-base provides you with the ability to source in other bash scripts through:

. /usr/local/share/atlassian/

Source code

If you want to contribute to this project or make use of the source code; you'll find it on GitHub.

Building the image

docker build -t descoped/atlassian-base .

Further reading