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Descoped Base


The purpose of the Descoped Base image is to provide some basic base capabilities for other Descoped images, such as:

  • Support for the official Oracle JDK 8 (switchable support for JDK 6 and 7 to be added later)
  • Support for gosu, which is a simple tool grown out of the simple fact that su and sudo have very strange and often annoying TTY and signal-forwarding behavior. The core of gosu comes from the Docker/libcontainer itself and enables correct execution (startup and shutdown) lifecycle through e.g. the ENTRYPOINT.


By using this software you also agree to the Oracle Binary Code License Agreement for Java SE

How to use?

No configuration is required for the container descoped/base.

Source code

If you want to contribute to this project or make use of the source code, you'll find it on GitHub.

Building the image

docker build -t descoped/base .

Further reading