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Descoped SonaType Nexus OSS


This image provides support for the SonaType Nexus OSS.

Maven is a project build software tool for Java, which supports transitive dependency management. Nexus is a Repository Manager used by Maven. Others tools that also uses Maven style repository management are e.g. Grails and Ivy.

For developers and companies that requires the ability to host their own artifacts; the solution is Nexus.

This image enables you to get a Nexus Artifact Repository Manager up and running in seconds.

How to use?

Run docker using port 8081 on your host (if available):

docker run -d -p 8081:8081 --name nexus descoped/nexus

Run with repo outside the container using an external volume:

docker run -d -p 8081:8081 --name nexus -v /var/docker/sonatype-work:/var/sonatype-work -e CONTEXT_PATH=/ descoped/docker-nexus

The exposed VOLUME is /var/sonatype-work

To stop the running instance:

$ docker nexus stop

To start running instance:

$ docker nexus start

Browser URL

Environment variables

Variables Description
CONTEXT_PATH passed as -Dnexus-webapp-context-path. This is used to define the URL which Nexus is accessed
MAX_HEAP passed as -Xmx. Defaults to 768m.
MIN_HEAP passed as -Xms. Defaults to 256m.
JAVA_OPTS Additional options can be passed to the JVM via this variable. Default: -server
LAUNCHER_CONF A list of configuration files supplied to the Nexus bootstrap launcher. Default: ./conf/jetty.xml ./conf/jetty-requestlog.xml

Environment variables can be supplied at runtime to control the JVM using option e.g. -e MAX_HEAP=768m.

Source code

If you want to contribute to this project or make use of the source code; you'll find it on GitHub.

Building the image

docker build -t descoped/nexus .

Further reading