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\title{The \textsf{beamerposter} package}
\author{Philippe Dreuw, Thomas Deselaers}
The \LaTeX\ \textsf{beamerposter} package is an extension of the \LaTeX\ \textsf{beamer} and the
\textsf{a0poster} classes in order to create \LaTeX\ posters, e.\,g.\ a DIN--A0 size \LaTeX\ %
poster in landscape or portrait orientation. Furthermore it is possible
to scale the poster fonts to your needs.
The package allows you to benefit from the nice color box handling and
alignment in the \textsf{beamer} class (e.\,g.\ with rounded corners and shadows)
in order to create quite fast pretty conference posters.
\item scalable fonts using the \textsf{fp} and \textsf{type1cm} packages
\item posters in DIN--A0, DIN--A1, DIN--A2, DIN--A3, DIN--A4, and custom sizes
like double DIN--A0 possible
\item still applicable to custom beamer slides, e.\,g.\ 16:9 slides for a
widescreen (i.\,e.\ 1.78 aspect ratio)
\item orientation: landscape or portrait
\item debug mode
\item[1.07] bugfixed custom size handling, portrait or landscape settings are ignored now
\item[1.06] added the \textsf{type1cm} package for scalable math fonts
\item[1.05] added version check for \textsf{xkeyval} package
\item[1.04] added custom size handling
\item[1.03] improved predefined size handling
\item[1.02] minor bugfixes
\item[1.01] bugfixed size handling
\item[1.00] first \textsf{beamerposter} release
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