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Inspiration can be difficult to achieve. Keep track of your many important tasks and the weather with the suttle help of a random daily quote and beatiful scenery.

The Setup


This time around you are being thrown into a mix of several files and some basic structure. Take some time to look at the files. Remember services are used for getting and mainting the data integrity. Controllers are for manipulating the DOM.

You will notice that the basic controllers and html structure has been setup for you. You will be responsible to connect each of the controllers to their appropiate service. Every Service is a class so be sure to instantiate the service inside the controller and save it to a variable in the controller to gain access to the needed methods. Take a look at the weather controller and service for a complete example of getting data from an api and seeing that data in the controller. Also don't forget to instantiate your controllers and add them to the app object in main.js.

Your goal will be to put all of the data gathered from the services together in a visually pleasing format as well as ensuring the functionality of a todo list.

Think about the subscriber functions that each controller will need so the appropriate data can be rendered to the page at the appropriate time.

Below you will see an image that you may use for inspiration.

Part 1 - Where is the output?

It is your responsibility to render each piece of the data from the services out to the screen. Look carefully at each controller to figure out the properties that will need to be used for visualization.

The Back-End (API)

In this project you will be expected to communicate with the following endpoints. With the exception of todos all of these endpoints will only respond to GET requests. Axios instances have already been created in each of the corresponding services. It will be up to you to look at the data from these endpoints to determine your models for dealing with the data.

  • baseURL =
    • weather
    • quotes
    • images
    • YOURNAME/todos

Todos (/YOURNAME/todos)

The todos portion of this project is the largest and will probably take the most amount of time to complete. Your todo list will communicate with the server using the following methods. The server will only respond to valid request using the appropriate method.

  • HTTP methods
    • GET
    • POST
    • PUT
    • DELETE

Todo model

    //the server will create these properties for you
    _id: {type: String, required: true, unique: true }
    completed: { type: Boolean, required: true, default: false},
    user: { type: String, required: true },
    //You will need to provide a description
    description: { type: String, required: true},

Post Request Method

  • Create Todo
    • /YOURNAME/todos
      • new todo object as data for request

Get Request Method

  • Get One Todo
    • /YOURNAME/todos/:todoId

Get Entire Todo List

  • Get All Todos by User
    • /YOURNAME/todos

Put Request Method

  • Edit Todo at id
    • /YOURNAME/todos/:todoId
      • edited todo object as data for request

Delete Request Method

  • Delete Todo by id
    • /YOURNAME/todos/:todoId

Part 2 - Adding the functionality

The todolist is perhaps one of the most important features of this application. You will need to provide the user a way to add items to a list to be monitored for tracking. The user should be able to add or remove items easily and for a small bonus the user should be able to indicate an items status if they don't want to remove the item.

Part 3 - Prettify

The positioning of elements on the page is not the absolute most crucial thing for this application however it does need to have few things to make the grade. Use the picture above as an idea for laying out your site.


  • On hover the quote should show the author of the quote and disappear when not hovered over
  • A clock should be rendered to the screen that updates each minute without a page refresh
  • Allow the user to set their name and have it save to localStorage
  • Change the message from Good Morning to Good Afternoon, Evening as appropriate.
  • Allow the user to toggle the clock from, 12hr to military time.
  • Include an Icon to show what the weather is sunny/cloudy/rainy
  • Add a button to cycle to next quote/picture
  • Could you encorporate a deadline for some of the tasks
  • Add a settings so user can change to a new "theme" (font, background colors, etc.)
  • Clicking the weather should let the user toggle between Celsius, Fahrenheit, or even Kelvin display
  • BONUS DIFFICULTY The todo list shouldn't have to redraw every item just because one of them changed.
    • If you think through some of the actions being performed you might find a way to optimize the list by only updating the one todo that changes at a time
    • Everytime you update a todo you shouldn't have to re-get the entire list you already know what changed about the one todo


  • Visualization
    • The data from the services are each rendered.
      • Quote (quote and author)
      • Image (only the image is required, however feel free to include other data)
      • Weather (The temp is displayed, feel free to add other pieces)
      • Todo (the new todo form exists, and any todos are rendered GET)
    • The image should be on large display with at least one other element positioned over the top of the image.
    • A form to add a new todo can be accessed and when submitted the page does not reload
  • Functionality
    • Todo's can be added to a list (POST)
    • Todo's can be removed (DELETE)
    • Todo's can be marked complete (PUT)
    • The todolist shows the total count of tasks currently being tracked
    • The todolist takes advantage of the TodoService to provide persistent data


When You are finished please submit the link to the project in the backpack

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