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Simple shortcut manager for macOS 10.8 or higher. It lets you execute any command that works in your terminal by pressing a combination of keyboard keys. No rocket science involved!


Latest stable release can be downloaded in Releases section.
Latest unstable build compiled from master branch can be downloaded here (please don't use it unless you desperately need some functionality that's not available in stable release or want to help with testing).

applescript support

Use list command to get the full TSV list of shortcuts and their states.
Use enable, disable, toggle commands to control state of shortcuts by their shortcut names.
Use enableAction, disableAction, toggleAction commands to control state of shortcuts by their action names.
Use enableID, disableID, toggleID commands to control state of shortcuts by their IDs.
Here are some examples:
tell application "iCanHazShortcut" to list
tell application "iCanHazShortcut" to enable "⇧⌘L"
tell application "iCanHazShortcut" to disableAction "lock screen"
tell application "iCanHazShortcut" to toggleID 6

compiling from source

iCHS created in PB and depends on pb-macos-globalhotkeys.
You also need node-appdmg if you want to build dmg.

  1. Obtain the latest LTS version of pbcompiler, install it to /Applications.
  2. Install xcode command line tools by running xcode-select --install.
  3. Clone iCHS repo.
  4. Clone pb-macos-globalhotkeys module to neighboring directory.
  5. Run the included build/ script to build the app. If you want codesigning then provide your developer ID as a first argument.
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