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This is the official DTCG repository for the design tokens specification.
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Design Tokens W3C Community Group

This is the official DTCG repository for the design tokens specification (W3C community group page).

Design tokens

Design tokens are indivisible pieces of a design system such as colors, spacing, typography scale.

Design tokens were created by the Salesforce design system team, and the name comes from them (Jon & Jina).

Goal of the DTCG

Sharing design properties such as a color palette across many tools and platforms should be simple.

The DTCG’s goal is to provide standards upon which products and design tools can rely for sharing stylistic pieces of a design system at scale.

We believe that a common way to share design tokens will unlock efficiency opportunities for plugins, design system teams, product teams, and end-users of design tools.

Read the charter in full.


The DTCG was founded in June 2019. By the end of 2019, our aim is to have a standard working across at least 3 design or prototyping tools.

Who sits on the DTCG

The community group is composed of UX professionals, developers, and representants of design tooling vendors.

To achieve a v1 of the specification rapidly, its structure is restricted to a small, focused amount of people, organized in task forces.

As vendors adopt the specification and new requirements appear, the community group will consist of additional task forces.

Companies and open-source projects represented on the DTCG



We acknowledge that the format specification is only part of an ecosystem, supporting methods and practices that relate to scaling design tokens:

a tweet by @jina, posted on the 14th of November 2018 – "Design Tokens are a methodology. IMHO, saying “design tokens are just variables” is like saying “responsive design is just media queries”. It’s a technology-agnostic architecture and process for scaling design across multiple platforms and devices, including native, and more."

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