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A repository for examples for my talks at the AndroidListener meetup in Chicago.

Examples are backwards-compatible to API 10 (aka 2.3.3 Gingerbread) except as noted.

###CommonLetterFinder, JUnit4TestExample and ParameterTestExample From my May 2015 talk about JUnit4 testing.

###EspressoUITestExample From my April 2015 talk on UI testing with Espresso 2.0. Also uses Jake Wharton's ActivityRule for JUnit4 testing and has some custom ViewActions in the test package. Has been updated to use Espresso 2.1's ActivityTestRule.

###NotificationFragment From my May 2014 talk on Notifications, examples of several of the types of notifications introduced in Jellybean (backwards compatible using NotificationCompat and its assorted friends).

###ImmersiveFragment From my January 2014 talk on Kit Kat Immersive Mode. Not backwards-compatible beyond API 14, has some issues with resizing the window at the moment. [Note: Temporarily disabled in display, but is still available for your code perusal]

###SpannedTextFragment From my December 2013 talk on clickable TextSpans.

###KittensFragment This was created to provide a second fragment so I couldshow off the DrawerLayout stuff from my November 2013 talk about the DrawerLayout.


From my September 2013 talk "Why is this so hard?!: Playing Full-Screen YouTube Videos From An Internal WebView", an example of how to play video full-screen from an embedded WebView. Uses the MainActivity to handle swapping out the content view.


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