Code to support letting your users choose between opening links in Google Chrome or Mobile Safari.
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Browser Chooser

A simple, ARC-compliant application with a portable category to allow users to open URLs in the browser of their choice. You can add the category NSURL+BrowserChooser to your application in order to facilitate opening links in Google Chrome.

To use the app, enter any url into the box. You can click on the "http://" to switch between http and https. The category runs a check to make sure both Google Chrome is installed and that it is capable of opening the particular URL scheme you wish to open.

More details on supporting Google Chrome in your application can be found here:


This project is licensed under the MIT license and can be used for free in any commercial or non-commercial applications. More information available here:


Email designatednerd at gmail dot com. Submit a pull request if you'd like to try to improve this code.

July 14, 2012