XMAS Tree from stacked ws2812 rings driven by a Digispark
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XMAS Tree from stacked ws2812 rings driven by a Digispark.


Items Needed:

  1. WS2812 LED Rings, 1 - 8 - 12 - 16 - 24 LED´s per ring, total of 61 WS2812 Led´s. Example: 61 LED Ring´s
  2. Digispark ATtiny85 USB Development Board
  3. Enameled magnet wire, i used 0,71mm / AWG21


  1. Solder WS2812 led rings power and ground with magnet wire, tree shaped.
  2. Solder every output with the input from the next ring.
  3. Programm Digistump using Arduino IDE.
  4. Connect power and ground to Digispark.
  5. Connect the first input to Digispark pin 1.
  6. Connect Digispark to powersource.
  7. Enjoy!

If you build this tree, i would like to hear from it! Also code-updates are welcome! New Tree-Patterns are always good :-)


  1. Use more LED´s: 93 LED Ring´s The Code needs to be changed to reflect the 93 WS1812!