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Google Maps API v3 in a jQuery plugin
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This is 'the' Google Maps API v3 jQuery plugin. Richly featured (getting there!), concise and highly customisable and extendible.

Disclaimer: The plugin is currently under development and should only be used with caution! Features will change, and do change. Features are removed too if they aren't required. Do not rely on this plugin until it is officially released.

Features and extensions will be mostly developed as they are required by the developers, but the aim is to create a full feature set of abilities linked to the Google Maps API. No plain duplicating will happen, so users are advised to know how the Google Maps API works, specifically, what methods are available to the Google Maps object types. The aim of this plugin is to make it easy to create and modify Google's maps, overlays, and services the jQuery way.

Google Maps is awesomely powerful. We just want to help you not burn your fingers... Stick them in some Goo instead.

Build your copy (on Linux/Mac):

Using make to build your copy will add all of the currently available methods, as methods are developed, this could get quite heavy.

  1. Install yui-compress
  2. cd to the Goomaps directory
  3. type make. Now you'll find a minified and non-minified version in /build
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