Laravel/Javascript implementation of dynamic HTML tables
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monkeyTables are a set of PHP and JavaScript libraries with the necessary styling, to provide you with a simple and effective package, that will allow you to create powerful tables directly made from your database. It brings a lot of nice features including

  • automatic filtering
  • sorting
  • presets
  • inline editing
  • tabbing
  • and much more..


To install the package, you just let composer do the work for you:
composer.phar require "designitgmbh/monkey-tables":"dev-master"

User model

Because we offer presets, which are unique per user and can be restricted, monkeyTables need to access a User Model, which has a relation to a profile from MonkeyAccess.


namespace App\Models;

class User extends SystemUser {
 	public function profile()
		return $this->belongsTo('Designitgmbh\MonkeyAccess\Models\Profile', 'profile_id');


This package is compatible with Lumen, but you will have to do some minimal changes:

  1. Enable Facades
  2. Enable Eloquent
  3. Install larasupport:



In a controller, you can build up your table, and send it back as JSON.

$mTable = new mTable;

	(new mTableColumn("#", "id"))
	(new mTableColumn("Name", "name"))
		->setClickable("/project/{{ID}}", "id")		
	(new mTableColumn("Department", "department->name"))
		->setClickable("/department/{{ID}}", "department->id")
	(new mTableColumn("Unit", "unit->name"))
		->setClickable("/unit/{{ID}}", "unit->id")

return response()->json($mTable->render());

Don't forget to add a route to the controller.

$app->post('/project/indexList', 'ProjectController@indexList');


After including all dependencies, you just need to add a div, which will hold the table, and a small javascript snippet.

<div id="mtable"></div>

	var frame = new mTableFrameStd("#mtable", {});
	var table = new mTableStd({
		frame: frame,
		url: "/project/indexList"