4chan is a gem that fetches posts from 4chan. Current version only fetches a specific listing now and it works only for READ. There's the 4chan.js that posts but the documentation is not clear yet. Index will come once it 4chan releases it or you discover how to fetch it though json.
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Simple 4chan is a gem that fetches posts from 4chan. A complete reading solution to fetch posts from 4chan into your ruby, any rack-based or rails app. You set the board and simple-fourchan will fetch all posts from a board or thread number.


Some boards are not available from 4chan. I've contacted them to see what's happening. If you reach a board where simple-fourchan cannot fetch, you will receive an error message.


SEP - 08 - 2012: Update with board reading based from dongfix update.


Just do in your Gemfile or install and do require 'simple-fourchan'.

gem 'simple-fourchan'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install simple-fourchan


Fetching all threads from a board.

require 'simple-fourchan'

board = Fourchan::Board.new "w"


It will return an array with hashes containing basic info from each thread.

For now, you can fetch a reply list from a thread number.

array = Fourchan::Post.new "w", "1403853"


If the gem is loaded:

array = Fourchan::Post.new "w", "1403853"

It returns an array of 4chan posts.

You should start like this:

Fourchan::Post.new "BOARD_LETTER", "THREAD_NUMBER"

array = Fourchan::Post.new "w", "1403853"
posts = array.all

Useful methods:

Some methods may be missed depending what user submitted: title, image, thumb, etc....

posts.each do |post|
  post.title            # =>   "One of the best anime's in my opinion!"
  post.now           # =>    "09\/06\/12(Thu)14:20"
  post.name         # =>    "Anonymous"
  post.email         # =>     "random@email.com"
  post.com           # =>     "One of the best anime's in my opinion!"
  post.image        # =>     "http://images.4chan.org/w/src/1346955606165.jpg"
  post.thumb        # =>     "http://thumbs.4chan.org/w/thumb/1346955606165s.jpg"
  post.link            # =>     "http://boards.4chan.org/w/res/1403853"

You can also do this in a more through way:

posts.each do |post|

  puts post.no
  # 1403714
  puts post.sticky
  # 0
  puts post.closed
  # 0
  puts post.now
  # "09\/06\/12(Thu)14:20"
  puts post.name
  # "Anonymous"
  puts post.email
  # ""
  puts post.sub
  # ""
  puts post.com
  # "One of the best anime's in my opinion!"
  puts post.filename
  # "yoshimori and tokine wallpaper"
  puts post.ext
  # ".jpg"
  puts post.w
  # 1024
  puts post.h
  # 693
  puts post.tn_w
  # 250
  puts post.tn_h
  puts post.tim
  # 1346955606165
  puts post.time
  # 1346955606
  puts post.md5
  # "Rw+TXj1fkCTDKmj2DP2SfQ=="
  puts post.fsize
  # 257664
  puts post.resto
  # 0
  puts post.trip
  # ""
  # Check the end of this file to see the json example from 4chan.

For now, you should be able to access the content in the following way:

Json example from 4chan.

{"posts": [{"no":1403714,"sticky":0,"closed":0,"now":"09\/06\/12(Thu)14:20","name":"Anonymous","email":"","sub":"","com":"One of the best anime's in my opinion!","filename":"yoshimori and tokine wallpaper","ext":".jpg","w":1024,"h":693,"tn_w":250,"tn_h":169,"tim":1346955606165,"time":1346955606,"md5":"Rw+TXj1fkCTDKmj2DP2SfQ==","fsize":257664,"resto":0,"trip":""},{"no":1403717,"now":"09\/06\/12(Thu)14:25","name":"Lol","email":"","sub":"","com":"You don't know anime","time":1346955928,"resto":1403714,"trip":""},{"no":1403728,"now":"09\/06\/12(Thu)14:41","name":"Anonymous","email":"","sub":"","com":"<span class=\"quote\"><a href=\"1403714#p1403717\" class=\"quotelink\">&gt;&gt;1403717<\/a><\/span><br>Lol I do. Plus it's an opinion :P","time":1346956912,"resto":1403714,"trip":""},{"no":1403786,"now":"09\/06\/12(Thu)16:43","name":"Anonymous","email":"","sub":"","com":"I see you didn't watch Boku no Pico.","time":1346964202,"resto":1403714,"trip":""}]}


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Added some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request


  1. migol - thanks for fixing the image extensions