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Repo access #356

adamrneary opened this Issue · 3 comments

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The upgrade process between Flat UI Pro versions is really difficult because we have to download an entire project to replace the existing.

I've been careful to apply my changes/customizations in separate files and then loop them in with LESS, but each update is going to cause a ton of unnecessary rework.

If paying customers had access to the source repo itself, we could simply merge upstream changes. This would make life a lot easier, and we could view the diff between versions to ensure nothing we're bringing in will break what we've customized.

Add to that, we could also makes fixes ourselves and submit pull requests that you could include in future releases…

Is this possible?

@pytkin pytkin added the question label

This would be super helpful! I have similar pains where I've made a bunch of patches to the code and that makes upgrading really hard.


Hi, send us please your order numbers (to info @ If you have Developers license of Flat UI, we'll add you to this repo. The important think is do not share source files. :)


Thanks! This will be super helpful. I just sent you an email with my order number.

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