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When select tag has class form-control:

<select class="form-control select-block">

$("select").selectpicker({style: 'btn-primary', menuStyle: 'dropdown-inverse'});

It will be rendered like this:
2014-02-16 12 13 47

Of cause, I could remove form-control class from select tag, or add a style of padding:0;border:0;. But bootstrap uses this class on select tag, which means, when switching from bootstrap to Flat UI, there is one more work to do.

@pytkin pytkin added bug labels Feb 15, 2014

As a temporary solution I would suggest you to play with bootstrap-select.js
if you change row 55 from

if(classList[i] != 'selectpicker') {


if(classList[i] != 'selectpicker' && classList[i] != 'form-control') {

the problem will be solved, but in the same way as you did.
Probably, if you play with this row and add some Flat-UI detection you'll be able to fix the issue when you switch between Flat-UI and native Bootstrap.

Hi, clarkorz,
we switched to the powerful select2.js library in the latest release (v1.3.0), please try it out.

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clarkorz commented Oct 3, 2014

Thanks to notice, I'll look into it.

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