Programmatically change radiobutton/checkbox doesn't work when using Flat-UI CSS #133

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I have a form that can be used to create and/or update elements on a page (third party API), so the same form is reset/emptied once the user no longer interacts with it.

Resetting inputs, checkboxes and radios work OK until I add the flat-ui css.

I can actually still include js files for checkbox and radios and they won't conflict. It's just the css that prevents the change.

This demo page shows what I mean. Just select any element on the timeline, and the form will be populated with data:

Not sure if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong though.

just trigger a click on it
$('.checkbox').each(function () { var $checkbox = $(this); $checkbox.trigger('click'); });


andrew-ml commented Oct 7, 2014

Hi, everyone,
we've rewritten checkbox/radio component, please check it out.

andrew-ml closed this Oct 7, 2014

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