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It doesn't appear that I can use the radio buttons or checkboxes with the keyboard. This is a problem for accessibility.

Any intention to add it? Is someone working on this?



andrew-ml commented Oct 7, 2014

Hi, @andrewleith,
we've rewritten checkbox/radio component, please check it out.

@andrew-ml andrew-ml closed this Oct 7, 2014

Thanks for letting me know.

Keyboard support seems to be working great.

If I may, I'd like to make a few suggestions to make keyboard navigation more usable. Feel free to ignore them ;)

The focus styles are very subtle so its very hard to know where you are when you are tabbing. For the input's its fairly apparent due to the border color change and the cursor inside the text box. For the buttons and selects it is extremely subtle and most people probably would not see it.

The radios and checks don't seem to have any style change whatsoever, so the only way to tell if you're actually focused on them is to try to activate them via the keyboard (space for checkbox, up and down for radios).

For all cases, a visual cue to what is currently focused on would make keyboard navigation much more usable.



andrew-ml commented Oct 8, 2014

Thanks for your feedback, we'll add focus states in the next release.

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