Provision to load fonts async #93

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Would be great to have some option to load fonts async.

Loading fonts provided with the framework is too slow sometimes. I can wrap it around js to load it async, however if the font loading is called separately in flat-ui framework, then I can just run a js to parse this file to download fonts.


pytkin commented Jan 21, 2014

Now configuration file(flat-ui.less) looks like this:

// Loading custom fonts
//@import url(",700,700italic,900,400italic,300");
  @import "fonts";

You can add comment for second line to remove fonts from output css. Also you can remove comment from first line to load fonts from Google servers:

// Loading custom fonts
  @import url(",700,700italic,900,400italic,300");
//@import "fonts";

I didn't see any other solutions to make this process even easier.

andrew-ml closed this Oct 7, 2014

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