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This package contains scripts and packages for selecting DESI targets from photometric catalogs.


You can install these tools in a variety of ways. Here are several that may be of interest:

  1. Manually running from the git checkout. Add the "bin" directory to your $PATH environment variable and add the "py" directory to your $PYTHONPATH environment variable.

  2. Install (and uninstall) a symlink to your live git checkout:

    $>  python develop --prefix=/path/to/somewhere
    $>  python develop --prefix=/path/to/somewhere --uninstall
  3. Install a fixed version of the tools:

    $>  python install --prefix=/path/to/somewhere


If you have tagged a version and wish to set the package version based on your current git location:

$>  python version

And then install as usual

Full Documentation

Please visit desitarget on Read the Docs

Documentation Status

Travis Build Status

Travis Build Status

Test Coverage Status

Test Coverage Status


desitarget is free software licensed under a 3-clause BSD-style license. For details see the LICENSE.rst file.