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How can I integrate visualCaptcha for WordPress with Contact Form 7

This answer is valid for many form plugins that exist for WordPress.

If they follow standards (the same way the default Wordpress forms do for comments, login, signup), you only need to know what is the action hook name and validation filter name and add those as custom options, otherwise, you'll have to get your hands dirty in code.

An example has been posted on WordPress

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in ...

If you're getting this error, it means your PHP version is older/lower than 5.3, which is the minimum required version for visualCaptcha.

If you're feeling adventurous, though, removing the use of namespaces should be enough to make it work for older versions, though we won't support such change.

Does visualCaptcha store any data (e.g. IP address, host, ...) or send it to a third-party provider?

Not by design, however visualCaptcha is completely self-hosted, and as such it's the responsibility of who's implementing it to prevent something like that.

That being said, it makes sense to mention it needs a cookie set in the client's browser (for the session), and that's the only "personal" information being stored by design, in the browser.

How can I translate the name of the images?

For the visible names of images, look in the back-end flavor of your choosing, for the images.json file.

How can I translate sentences like "Click or touch the"?

For the UI texts, you can translate when initializing visualCaptcha.

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