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A repo of projects from Superhi courses I've taken: Foundation HTML, CSS + Javascript, D3 + Data Visualization, and Visual Design + Branding
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Week 1 Sally Hart Photography
Week 1 Sword
Week 2 Patio
Week 2 Source
Week 3 Furneaux's
Week 4 Boyce
Week 6 Baker + Brown
Week 7 Interior Weekly
Week 7 Sally Hart Lightboxes
Week 8 Boyce Slideshow

Superhi - Foundation HTML, CSS + Javascript Course

I took Superhi's Foundation HTML, CSS + Javascript course to start learning Javascript and to feel better about the basics of HTML and CSS.

I've enhoyed it so much that I'm enrolled in two more courses - use my referral link if you'd like to sign up for any of their courses at a discount.

Week One Concepts Learned

  • Project
  • 100vh and vw
  • Smooth scrolling

Week Two Concepts Learned

  • Project
  • CSS margins and padding
  • Using SVGs
  • Setting colors and styles with CSS

Week Three Concepts Learned

  • Project
  • Mobile breakpoints
  • Different layouts for mobile and desktop
  • Section sizing and div layouts

Week Four Concepts Learned

  • Project
  • Offsetting text
  • Applying a filter when mousing over an element

Week Five Concepts Learned

  • Project
  • Intro to Javascript and jQuery
  • Filters over images on mouse over
  • Using javascript to filter out categories

Week Six Concepts Learned

  • Project
  • Changing image and text behavior on mouse over
  • Setting a hamburger navigation menu

Week Seven Concepts Learned

  • Projects: Lightboxes, Interior Weekly
  • Using Javascript to
    • Create lightboxes
    • Change the cursor displayed when hovering over an element
    • Calculating the distance from the top of the screen
    • Change the background color of a section based on the distance from the top
    • Removing a fixed nav bar after scrolling a certain number of pixels

Week Eight Concepts Learned

  • Project
  • Using Javascript to
    • Map keys for navigation
    • Setting a full-screen looping slideshow
    • Displaying slide numbers on the screen that change as the slideshow runs
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