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The following are our marketing releases, as planned to date (and we plan to revisit 6 months from now). They contain the broad features we're considering. The further away a release is, the less defined it is. Releases are subject to change at any time. This is not written in stone!!!

1.4 - New branch, maybe?

Note: depending on things, this might get combined with 1.5

1.5 - Better onboarding

  • Better onboarding for new users

1.6 - Conflict awareness

  • Conflict resolution MVP - #2640
    • Differentiate conflicted files from other changed files
    • Let me choose my mergetool
    • Let me open my mergetool

1.7 - Conflict resolution

1.8 - Messaging + Tracking

  • End of Progress & in-app messaging

    • End of Progress: Providing friendly update when longer running processes are complete
    • In-app Message: providing success/failure notifications for unclear interactions (ex: login)
  • App interaction tracking

    • Adding in analytics around features we need data on
    • (optional) Clarifying what data we collect if people opt-in, potentially adding other opt-in options for different levels of data
    • (optional) Surfacing data collected back to user
  • View changes by methods and functions (for supported files)