How to download old version of Github Desktop binary files? #2965

ijesonchen opened this Issue Oct 5, 2017 · 14 comments


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I wanna old binary release of github desktop for windows x64. How to download it?
For example, I wanna download 0.0.33, where could I find it?


GitHub Desktop version: [1.0.3]

OS version: [Win10 pro 15063.608]

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shiftkey commented Oct 5, 2017

For example, I wanna download 0.0.33, where could I find it?

That's a really old version. Why are you interested in that?

Because I'm not used to the new version, the new style. And the last version I used maybe 0.0.33 (I reinstalled my OS, and lost the old setup file, I'm not sure about the version).
I develop on win10 pro with visual studio 2015, and I'm really not used to the new version. I reported some issue like #2691, #2692, and it seem that you changed the feature and some function will not support.
So I wanna rollback and try some old version.
I tried to compile with the source, both 0.0.33 and the newest version, but failed.
So is there any way to download the old binary release?


niik commented Oct 5, 2017

@ijesonchen is it possible that you're talking about the old GitHub Desktop, the one we call classic? It would have looked something like this

That version is no longer supported and will not receive any updates. We can't make any guarantees as to how long it'll continue to work nor for how long the installer will be available but for now you can download it at

@niik niik closed this Oct 5, 2017

Yes, that's exactly what I want. Thank you very much.
I noticed it's an online setup program. Is there any way I can got a offline setup program so I can have it after os reinstalled?

I'm looking for the old Github Desktop too because new Github Desktop does not support simple features such as 'Discard all changes'... any idea where I can grab the Mac version?


j-f1 commented Oct 10, 2017

@nathanpitman To discard all changes, you can right-click the “X Files Changed” header.

richlip commented Oct 12, 2017

is there any way to get a full download, not only an installer for 0.0.33? i used the old version before my PC at work got a new setup, so i installed the new version of github and got no possibility to upload my changes because of self certificate problems.

With the old version, i found here (thank you!) it works like a charme...


joshaber commented Oct 12, 2017

I believe (someone else feel free to correct me!) that the classic Windows app only had an installer.


niik commented Oct 12, 2017

@joshaber That's correct. We were trialing an offline installer but it was never fully tested and ready for widespread use

romanfedyshyn commented Nov 3, 2017

just find installer for mac

Was looking for the classic. With every major change this software just get worse and worse in the UX department. Hopefully I can squat on "Classic" indefinitely.

Regret the update. I cannot even do branch merging as I want.

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