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Dugite - The Native Bits

This project contains the tooling for building a version of Git that is optimized for scripted usage in applications. It also removes many non-core features:

  • no linking to system libraries
  • use symlinks to reduce output size
  • no Perl runtime
  • no dependency on OpenSSL
  • no Tcl/Tk GUI
  • no translation of error messages
  • no 32-bit support

There are also additional customizations included in this toolchain:

  • Git-LFS
  • certificate bundle for Linux consumers

Note: this is not intended to be installed by end users - go here to download Git for your operating system.


This project is under active development for Git-related projects at GitHub. This will stabilize as this library gets more usage in production.


It is expected that this toolchain will be updated as Git and it's other dependencies are updated, to ensure applications are running on the latest stable version of Git.

Feel free to open issues or pull requests about fixes or optimizations we can incorporate into the packaging process. Refer to the file for instructions and the documentation sections for more information about the repository.

Bugfixes and feature requests for Git should be discussied on the Git mailing list.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows 7 and later
  • macOS 10.9 and up
  • Linux (tested on Ubuntu Precise/Trusty and Fedora 24)


The Git for Windows project already provides a minimal environment (called 'MinGit') with each release that covers most of the above requirements