Repository for Ong, Goodman, & Zaki (2018): "Happier than thou? A self-enhancement bias in emotion attribution"
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Emotion Attribution and Psychological Distance

This Github page (repository) contains materials for the following paper:

Ong, D. C., Goodman, N. D., & Zaki, J. (2018). Happier than thou? A self-enhancement bias in emotion attribution. Emotion, 18(1), 116-126.

This repository is maintained by Desmond Ong. Questions, comments, requests for clarification or replication, etc, should be directed to desmond (dot) ong (at) stanford (dot) edu


The data for the 3 studies presented in the paper are in the /data folder

Analysis code

Analysis code is provided in psychDistance_analysis.Rmd (a R Markdown document). The file contains all the R code necessary to replicate the analyses reported in the paper. The R markdown file can also be neatly formatted into a nice html.

Sample Experiments

A sample of our experiments is also included in the repository. It takes approximately 7 to 12 minutes to finish each experiment. If you do finish an experiment, you'll also see a mockup of the data that would've been collected, had it been running live. The complete experiments can be loaded using the following links: