Read webpages in readability mode, inside your terminal.
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Read webpages in readability mode, inside your terminal.



Newsbeuter is a great command line tool to read your favourite RSS feeds. Also, it lets you choose which command to invoke when opening an article URL link, by setting the browser key inside configurations. newspaper aims to be a simple command line tool to read URL's content in a clean and readable way.

You can choose to plug newspaper inside newsbeuter, or use it directly from the command line.

The heavy lifting is made by Mercury, an amazing and free service that converts URL to markdown.

This package starts as a light and pluggable command between their api and the less command.


  • go get
  • Sign up for Mercury and create an api key.
  • Store the api key inside an ENV variable called MERCURY_API_KEY
  • newspaper URL

To use newspaper as newsbeuter browser, place this line in your newsbeuter config:

browser newspaper [OPTIONS] %u


-no-links    Remove markdown links
-plaintext   Disable ANSI codes (plaintext output)


  • Tests
  • Replace Mercury with a readability library
  • Save article to Markdown